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Don and Lori Love Their New Home and Sense of Community

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When Don and Lori were first introduced to Epcon Communities, they weren’t even in the market for a new home. Living comfortably in a relatively new house, they didn’t think they’d be moving any time soon. But one visit to an Epcon model home changed everything. “We weren't really looking at moving,” Lori recalls, “but we looked at Epcon’s model home and we just fell in love with it—the concept of no steps, the community-type living, and all the amenities that came along with it.”

A Seamless Building Experience

Having built a home before, Don and Lori knew the potential challenges and stresses that could come with it. However, their experience with Epcon was entirely different. “The whole building process was pretty easy for us,” Lori explains. “Epcon lines you up with all the vendors where you make your selections. It's a seamless process. They have a great system where you can see everything on a big screen. It was impressive and made designing our home pretty easy.”

Don appreciated the flexibility offered during the building process. “Very versatile. You have a lot of things to pick from, and beyond that, you can change whatever you want for your own personal needs.”

Enjoying the Perfect Location

One of the highlights for Don and Lori is their home’s prime location within the community. “Where our house is located, we’re on the pond, so we've got a beautiful view and we are right next to the clubhouse,” Lori says with a smile. “I really enjoy it because it's a quick walk to the fitness center or the pool, and the clubhouse is beautiful, so we’ve got that view as well.”

For Don, the natural surroundings add an extra layer of joy to their new home. “We’ve had ducks and geese that come and go on the pond. It’s interesting to watch, and there are a lot of birds here. It’s sort of an outside atmosphere that you can get here—the best of both worlds.”

Privacy and Community Combined

Privacy was another significant factor for Don and Lori. “These homes are all designed so your courtyard or patio does not face one another,” Lori points out. “We can sit on our patio, and we don't see the house next to us at all. You can still maintain your privacy, or you can be as social as you want.”

And the low maintenance living has been a game-changer for them. “The grass is mowed, the fertilizing is done, the snow is removed—we don't have to worry about any of that,” Lori says. “Our last house, we had to take care of all that. This has been quite nice.”

Building a Sense of Community

Don and Lori are particularly fond of the strong sense of community in their new neighborhood. “It’s a great community of people that help each other,” Don shares. Lori agrees, “This was the best move that we made. There has been no looking back at all. I’ve told several people it’s honestly the best thing we did.”

Their enthusiasm for the sense of community they feel even inspired their friends. Shortly after moving in, Don and Lori hosted a brunch for friends from their old neighborhood. A couple of days later, they saw those same friends walking out of the clubhouse. Lori smiles, “We received a text from them that said, ‘We just signed a contract. We fell in love with your house.’”

A New Chapter Filled With Joy

As they reflect on their journey, Don and Lori couldn’t be happier with their decision. “This is by far my most favorite house we've had,” Lori says. “And just having the sense of community has been huge.”

Epcon Communities

For anyone considering a new home, Don and Lori’s story is a testament to the exceptional quality and living experience available at Epcon.

Epcon Communities, and its Franchise Builders, build luxury single-level homes in communities throughout the country. We offer open layout new homes from 1,300 to over 3,000 square feet with 2-4 bedrooms and plenty of storage space. The private courtyard and available structural options including a second-floor bonus suite and an owner’s suite sitting room in most communities means it’s easy to find the perfect home to fit your lifestyle.


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