Single-Level Homes Ideal for 55+ Home Buyers and Their Pets

single-level homes ideal for 55+ home buyers and their pets

Single-level homes are ideal for 55+ home buyers and their pets since everything is conveniently located on one floor. As we age, climbing stairs can become a challenging task, not just for us but for our beloved pets too. Arthritis and joint issues are common in older adults and pets alike, making stairs a potential hazard. Single-level homes eliminate this worry, ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment for all.

Single-Level Homes

According to Forbes Advisor, as of 2023, 66% of U.S. households own a pet. Dogs are the most popular pets with cats coming in a close second. With these statistics, it’s easy to understand why catering to the needs of their furry companions has become an important consideration for many home buyers.

 Single-level homes simplify regular routines such as cleaning and maintenance as well as moving between indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to minimizing stairs inside the home, having zero-entry doorways or minimal steps, if available, to outdoor areas is an important consideration for 55+ home buyers and their pets.

People and pets need regular exercise, sunlight and fresh air to live their best lives. Having easy access to outdoor areas may improve the quality of life for those with mobility issues by allowing them to enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors without the safety risk and discomfort of possibly having to navigate steps.

Pet-Friendly Home Design

Having an enclosed porch or a finished sitting room with large windows provides a visual treat for your pets so they don’t feel boxed in and can enjoy plenty of natural light. With everything on ground level, you can create the perfect spot for your cat to sunbathe or for your dog to keep an eye on the neighborhood happenings.

Pet Washing Station

When living with pets, simplifying cleaning your home and your pets is essential. If a mudroom and pet washing station are available between the garage and interior living space, muddy paws can be easily cleaned before they leave their mark on the clean floors inside your home.

Durable, Easy-To-clean Flooring

Replacing carpet in most rooms with easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant laminate flooring can also minimize the workload of keeping your house clean when sharing it with your furry companions. Hardwood flooring and tile also work well for this purpose.

Pet Supplies Storage Options

It’s also important to have somewhere to keep your pet supplies organized. You’ll need storage options for pet food and treats, food and water bowls, brushes, leashes and other toys as well as a kitty litter pan for cats and a pet carrier or kennel inside the home.

There are smart storage solutions available for your pet supplies no matter what size home you have.

Planning For the Future

Most 55+ home buyers factor in what they think their life will be like as they age when purchasing their forever home so they can feel confident that they will be able to stay in their home as their needs change. This also applies to their pets which may have similar mobility issues over time.

Buying a home in a 55+ community can be beneficial as the floor plans are usually designed with options and features for aging in place. Doors with lever handles, easy-to-grip cabinet pulls and rocker panel light switches, lower the physical effort required for living.

Single-level homes with wide hallways and doorways allow anyone using a wheelchair to access the entire home. Zero-entry exterior doorways where available make it easier to enjoy being outside even with mobility issues.

single level home with courtyard is pet friendly

Epcon Communities

Epcon Communities offers luxury single-level homes with no interior stairs to make life easier for 55+ home buyers and their pets. Many of our floor plans include a private outdoor courtyard and options for a mudroom, a sunroom or sitting room and a covered or screened porch. There’s also plenty of extra storage built-in, making them ideal pet-friendly homes.

Many of our communities include resort-style amenities with a clubhouse, pool, fitness center and more. Sidewalks and walking trails in these communities make them ideal for home buyers with furry companions.

Another advantage of buying an Epcon home is that many of our communities include landscaping and snow removal covered by HOA fees. This allows you the time to enjoy doing what you love like taking a walk with your four-legged friends or playing pickleball at the local court, instead of spending your spare time doing yard work.

Contact us to discover the benefits of living in an Epcon community and how the low-maintenance lifestyle can give you more time to enjoy life!