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Rich and Debbie Enjoy Their Home and Community Amenities

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Moving to a new home isn't always easy, particularly when you've spent significant time in a place filled with memories and positive sentiments. For Rich and Debbie, this was the challenging reality they faced when they acknowledged their need to downsize. Despite their initial trepidation, they discovered how to right-size their new home with Epcon Communities – a decision that not only fulfilled their housing needs but also opened the door to an entirely new, enriching lifestyle.

Rightsizing Your New Home

Rightsizing doesn't mean sacrificing space or comfort. In fact, most people prefer single-level living, especially with Epcon’s floor plans which are thoughtfully designed with an open layout, large rooms and plenty of storage, right where you need it. Rich reflects fondly on the day they stepped into their new home. It was the perfect solution! A new home that offered spacious living and the fresh, enticing appeal of a brand-new home. Filled with new appliances and modern amenities, it was an alluring blend of comfort and convenience.

But beyond the physical aspects of their new residence, Rich and Debbie discovered something even more profound: contentment. "We are happy with the decision we have made," Rich said while smiling with the joy and satisfaction they've found in their new home.

Rich and Debbie Enjoy Their Community Amenities

The Epcon Community lifestyle is about more than just well-designed homes. As Debbie explains, her move to the community has unveiled opportunities that wouldn't have been available in a typical single-family home and neighborhood. She revels in the vibrant social life and extensive activity options at her doorstep.

Having a sense of community where you live is vital to feeling like you belong. Enjoying the company of your neighbors and being invited to events is integral to developing a sense of community. It can sometimes be hard to get that feeling in large sprawling communities which is why Epcon communities are typically sized so that homeowners can easily get to know their neighbors and meet new friends with a simple stroll through the community on a beautiful day.

With no worries about lawn maintenance, Rich and Debbie now have more time to indulge in the things they love. The clubhouse has become their social hub, providing a treasure trove of activities. "We have gotten more involved with playing games, we play euchre, we play bridge, they have a bunco night, wine tasting, you name it, and they have something over in the clubhouse", Debbie added enthusiastically.

Taking delight in the small pleasures of life is an integral part of Rich’s and Debbie’s daily routine in their Epcon Community. Rich enjoys taking Dolly, their dog, on walks while enjoying the beautiful landscaping and scenic areas on walking trails and sidewalks close to home. A regular walk can cover a mile and a half, all within the community. Debbie smiles as she talks about Dolly’s routine nudging reminders to Rich, “Dolly is the one that tells Rich to walk. And he listens to her.”

Advantages of Buying an Epcon Home

With Epcon Communities, rightsizing your new home means creating the space you’ll love living in. And, embracing a new way of living – one filled with convenience, comfort, community, and countless opportunities for enjoyment. It's not just about living; it's about living well.

If finding a beautiful home to live in, having a sense of community and enjoying your lifestyle are appealing to you, explore Epcon Communities in locations around the country and learn about the benefits we offer.