Media News | Epcon Communities Announces New Atlanta Area Communities Coming Soon

Epcon Communities Announces New Atlanta Area Communities Coming Soon

The Atlanta Real Estate Forum recently hosted Lora Gonzales, Sales Director for Epcon Communities Atlanta Region, shedding light on the brand's philosophy and unveiling exciting details about their upcoming communities.

A Conversation with Lora Gonzales

In the podcast hosted by Atlanta Real Estate Forum, Lora Gonzales shared insights with the listeners on how Epcon Communities puts their homeowners' needs at the forefront of every decision, with a dedication to crafting living spaces that align with evolving lifestyles. Gonzales emphasized that each community is designed to offer both privacy and a sense of belonging. Integrating modern amenities, well-thought-out home designs, and a welcoming environment is the cornerstone of every Epcon community.

I don’t know if Atlanta is prepared for what we are about to show them. Our communities are truly something special!

One of the highlights of the podcast was the exclusive sneak peek of Epcon's upcoming communities. Gonzales provided tantalizing glimpses into the new communities poised to make a mark in the Atlanta region's real estate landscape.


Hear the full podcast episode and learn more about the Atlanta area's upcoming Epcon communities.